Rockfish Fishing Alaska

Rockfish come in a huge variety of colors and species, and Alaska has the biggest ones you can catch as you can see below in this record breaking catch by Captain Joe! While not every rockfish is this massive of course, rockfish are a joy to catch as they will often pose a nice fishing challenge.

They are also some of the tastiest fish in Alaska to try, and each variety has its own unique flavor and texture. Even though salmon and halibut may sometimes overshadow the rockfish as the most popular fish to catch here in the Alaskan Pacific, rockfish are special and we love catching them. If you’re hoping to catch rockfish there’s no better place to go than Tanaku Lodge! 

rockfish fishing alaska

Rockfishing Alaska

The experience of staying with us at Tanaku Lodge and fishing for multiple ways is the best way to not only catch rockfish or any other Alaskan fish you love to eat, but to have an amazing time doing it even when you aren’t reeling in the next catch. Unlike one day charters that can only go so far and are restricted on what you can try to catch, on a multi-day trip here at Tanaku we can take you all over the Elfin Cove area and fish for what you’re hoping to catch! We’re always breaking records and catching incredible fish here, so if that’s your goal there’s no better place to start.

Even if you’re not concerned about catching a specific type of fish or breaking records, the experience of boating through the beautiful Elfin Cove area with our charismatic and knowledgeable captains is tough to beat. Once the day is over and we all head in to the lodge, the Tanaku experience only continues to richen. With amazing meals every night made by our 4 star chef T and complimentary wine and beer, there’s no better place to swap stories and make memories than our rustic lodge, in front of our wood fired stove. We also have highly comfortable rooms with private bathrooms so you can get clean and ready for the next day of fishing, to do it all again.

Alaskan Rockfish

One of the most unique highlights of a trip to Tanaku Lodge comes after your trip has concluded. We’ll send you home with boxes of perfectly cut, prepared and frozen fillets from the fish you caught in boxes that are weighed to a max of fifty pounds, to just make it under the Juneau flight requirements. This means that you not only get to catch some of the most beautiful fish in the world, but take them home and eat the finest fish available too. Many find that some species of rockfish are their favorite fish to eat, so if that’s what you’re looking to bring home we’ll make it happen!