Deep Sea Fishing Alaska

If you’ve never been to Alaska or only fished in creeks or rivers, it may be time for you to try out deep sea fishing! There are some wonderful fish that can be found deep on the ocean floor of Elfin Cove and the surrounding area, that are fun to catch and a real delicacy for eating. Two of the most popular deep sea fish to catch are halibut and the many varieties of rockfish. We use special bait and weights to get your line down to the ocean floor so it can “bounce” and attract rockfish, or halibut. If you’ve never caught halibut before, be ready for a workout! These fish can easily be over one hundred pounds, although if you’re more interested in the eating aspect we’ll go for smaller fish as those tend to be more tasty. Meanwhile rockfish can also come in very large sizes, but also have a massive variety of species that we catch, with about 30 common species we catch in the Elfin Cove area regularly. Finally, there are other deep sea fishing prizes we’re happy to help you catch if you so desire, like the toothy but tasty lingcod and the deep dwelling, long living black cod (also called Sablefish.)

deep sea fishing alaska

Deep Sea Fishing Charters Alaska

While you can try to get the deep sea fishing experience on a one day trip or charter, it’s hard to go very far or try many different spots in the limited schedule of a one day charter. In contrast, staying for multiple days with us at Tanaku Lodge means that if deep sea fishing is what you’re hungry for, you can go to all sorts of spots and have the best chance of catching the deep sea monster to tell your grandkids about. Our captains know all the best places to go for deep sea fishing and to catch the fish you’re looking for, and will make your experience exciting, fun and above all memorable. We catch amazing and sometimes record-breaking fish every year, so if that’s your hope we’d love to give you a hand. Our boats are excellent for deep sea fishing and we will provide all the equipment needed to catch the deep sea fish you’ve been yearning for, or if you have your own fishing equipment you can bring it as well. Even if you’ve never fished before, our crew will teach you how to cast, reel and more happily so this is a great way to get started if you’re new!

Meanwhile if you’re not too worried about the size of fish you catch or are even just letting your partner or friends do most of the real fishing, the experience of boating through the gorgeous Alaska ocean and viewing our amazing mountains and vistas is like none other. We’re always seeing all sorts of incredible wildlife so even if fish aren’t your priority, you will most likely see seals, or orcas, or even a bald eagle if you’re lucky. We even see breaching whales up close quite frequently, and you may see a mama bear and her cubs if you keep a careful eye out. We have a beautiful lodge as well that is rustic but comfortable, and our kitchen staff provides extremely delicious, restaurant quality meals for breakfast and dinner, and bag lunches to take with you on your daily fishing outings so you can enjoy delicious food and beautiful scenery all day long. We’re happy to provide meals that work with any dietary restrictions and even provide wine and beer with dinner, and you can bring your own drinks if you so choose.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips Alaska

One of the best parts for many Tanaku Lodge visitors happens after you finish your trip and we send you back to Juneau on a seaplane. While there’s no doubt that it’s always a bit of a letdown to depart from Tanaku Lodge and return to the rest of civilization, even for our staff who love spending each summer here, we lessen the blues by sending our guests home with packages of excellently prepared fish filets from the fish they caught! We have special boxes that are perfect for putting on the plane back to home, and are just shy of 50 pounds each to avoid too much hassle at the airport. The Juneau airport staff are excellent and you will rarely, if ever encounter delays there so taking your boxes of fish home is easy and straightforward, and they will last for months in your freezer! 

The result is that you get to not only experience Alaska and all it has to offer here in Elfin Cove with us, but take home the taste of Alaska’s best fish with you and enjoy it for many months to come. Deep sea fish like halibut and rockfish are favorites for many in the continental US, and king salmon is obviously highly prized as well. We’ll include what you request in your box from the catches you made with us and usually catch a great variety of fish each week, so if you’re a lingcod enthusiast, Coho fan or a chum salmon aficionado we’ll make sure your box includes your favorites. We recommend finding a great recipe for your filets and hosting friends to tell them all about your adventures, over a delicious meal of halibut fish tacos, Sichuan style sweet and sour rockfish, or slow grilled King salmon with grilled veggies of your choice. Maybe you’ll be able to persuade even the most doubtful of your friends to join you next time here at Tanaku Lodge. Also, feel free to ask our kitchen crew for recipe ideas, as they are experts with all of the fish we catch and will have excellent suggestions to use them in all sorts of different styles of food!

Call us today to schedule your deep sea fishing adventure with Tanaku Lodge, in Elfin Cove, Alaska! We would love to get your adventure booked and get ready to provide the best fishing trip of your life.