Alaska Lingcod Fishing

While the majority of our visitors to Tanaku Lodge are after prizes like king salmon, halibut and rockfish, there are many additional types of fish that we catch regularly here in Elfin Cove that are prized as well. One of these is the notoriously toothy, but delicious ling cod! They have an almost prehistoric look to them with their giant, tooth filled mouths and will put up a pretty good fight as well when reeling them in. While the general fish family of cod is a common variety of fish that can be caught all over the oceans around America, lingcod are a unique type that look completely unlike most other fish your average ocean fishing enthusiast will have encountered. Be careful when you pick one up as those teeth are not only numerous, but very sharp (Mitchell pictured here found this out the hard way, but told us the filets from this fish were more than worth a cut or two.) 

Alaska Lingcod Fishing

Alaska Lingcod Season

Whether you’re intrigued by the lingcod as a new option for your favorite white fish taco recipe and would like to visit us during the prime lingcod season, or are after one of the more well known varieties of fish we get so many requests for like salmon or halibut, Tanaku Lodge is the best option you can choose for a fishing adventure in Southeast Alaska. Our lodge is a gorgeous, rustic building constructed of cedar and pine that is both comfortable and spacious, as we can host up to twenty five guests at a time with private rooms. We also provide full meal plans for your entire stay, with made to order breakfast, brown bag lunches with the sandwiches and snacks of your choice, and extremely delicious dinners that would go toe to toe with your favorite restaurant.

Lingcod Season Alaska

The main appeal that we have at Tanaku Lodge is the fishing of course, but the reason why we have so many repeat guests who visit us more than once or even join us every year is the memories and relaxation you’ll find here in Elfin Cove with us. This is the perfect way to make lifelong memories with family and friends that you bring along, and also make new friends and get to know our wonderful staff. Tanaku is truly a special place that is like no other fishing lodge, and we do everything we can to make your experience the best it can possibly be. Please call us or contact us online to see when you can book your Tanaku adventure!