Alaska has eliminated statewide COVID-19 requirements. Juneau currently has no requirements, but please check Juneau for current COVID requirements before making your trip. READ MORE

2021 Fishing: Frequently Asked Questions and Updates

Covid 19: Currently Alaska has eliminated all covid requirements. It is up to each city and borough to have any requirements. Juneau at the current time does not have any requirements but offers free testing and vaccinations at the airport for those that want them. Please check Juneau requirements before making your trip.

Seasick Prevention: You will be fishing within the protected waters of the Inside Passage, as well as the outside waters along the coast. You never know how you will react on the water. Talk to your pharmacist about the remedies available as well as your doctor. Some people use the Scopolamine Transdermal Patch or Bonine tablets as a precaution. But check with your doctor ahead of time as the patch is available by prescription only.

Fishing License: An Alaska sport-fishing license is required for all non-residents 16 and over. You need to purchase your license on-line ahead of time for your trip. Our internet will not handle purchasing of them at the lodge. Visit ADF&G Alaska web site to purchase your license. The cost for a 7-day license is $70.00 and a King Salmon stamp is $45.00 for a 7-day stamp. Each person NEEDS their own license and print them out ahead of time and bring them with in a folder. We will have little carriers for them at the lodge when you arrive and we get you all settled. For repeat guests this is new. We used to be able to sell licenses at the lodge so please get your licenses ahead of time.

Weather: Be prepared for rain or misty mornings at least 1-2 days per week while fishing. We provide raingear. We don’t go above a 3XL in sizes, if you need a larger size, we suggest bringing your own. We suggest dressing in layers along with thick warm socks and plenty of them.

Meals: If you have any food allergies or special diet requirements, please provide this information to us as soon as possible. With prior notice we will be able to serve you better and it takes about 2 weeks to get food supplies to the lodge. Our mealtimes are fairly casual, after a long day of fishing and pulling in big fish you will just want to relax so bring whatever you feel comfortable in. We will have a sit-down breakfast along with continental options for if you’re not a big breakfast eater. We will have sandwiches provided along with a variety of snacks and fruit to bring with you on the boat. When you return from your day of fishing, we will have appetizers and a sit-down dinner at 7pm. We do have a variety of sodas available. We will have Alaskan Brewing beer and a white and red wine on tap. Any specific beer or hard alcohol you would like, will have to be bought in Juneau before your flight out to Elfin Cove. We cannot provide alcohol on the boat. Alcohol for the boats can be bought in Juneau ahead of time and we can refrigerate it for you and get it on your boat in the morning.

Packing: Most airlines allow up to 50 pounds of luggage. We have a washer and dryer, so you do not need to overpack. Items recommended: 2 Sweatshirts and T-shirts gloves for fishing Bathing suit for hot tub fleece or hooded sweatshirt Casual pair of pants long underwear; under armor Sunglasses, sunscreen boot inserts/ gel insoles

Floatplane: We will arrange the floatplane to the lodge. Normally they depart Juneau around 4 pm. You need to be in Juneau by the 3:30pm to catch the floatplane. Alaska Airlines and Delta are the only airlines that fly into Juneau. On departure day the floatplane picks you up around 9 am. The flight is about 30-40 minutes. We use Ward Air as our floatplane operator to and from Elfin Cove. They are located right next to the airport walking distance. However, if you have lots of big luggage you can call them at 907-789-9150 when you land, and they will come pick you up in a van and get you all checked in for your flight. Again, we will arrange the floatplanes to and from the lodge, your group just needs to check in together and we will take care of the rest. The floatplane is a separate payment and will be settled up at the end of your stay with us.

Phones: The lodge phone number is 907-239-2205. Cell phones do work in certain areas. ATT and Verizon seem to work the best. We have 4G service most of the time. Internet is not available at the lodge except in a case of emergency. We are satellite with limited service.



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